Daycare & Kindergarten
Pre-school & Kindergarten Thalwil
Bilingual German/English, for children as of three years
Pre-school Group

In our pre-school group we follow a program that, besides Montessori, playing or music sessions, also leaves time to use the social competences. Here, children develop using Montessori methods and materials. These encourage discovery in the fields of senses, daily life, language, mathematics, geometry, humans and the environment.

With these methods, the children adopt competences that they will use in the kindergarten, such as cutting, puzzles, counting, or sitting in the circle time.

Besides that, we offer many other activities such as English, music, sports, forest, day trips, painting, handicrafting, cooking. The children are involved in the daily household matters as much as possible. Important is that it does not matter if the children still wear diapers.


Our Kindergarten group follows the official Zurich Kindergarten curriculum. The mandatory kindergarten can be fullfilled by attending three full days at Parkside.

The curriculum of the Kanton Zurich is led by learning processes and specific learning areas such as communication, language, media, nature, technics, math, social skills, values, arts & crafts, arts, body and movement.

We offer many activities such as music, sports, woods, trips, arts and crafts, cooking, and much more. The children are also involved as much as possible in daily household chores, like cleaning up.

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