Daycare & Kindergarten
Bilingualism at Parkside School Thalwil
Early learning of two languages

The Parkside School Pre-school and Kindergarten in Thalwil is bilingual. Both staff and children speak a fluid mixture of English, high German and Swiss German. We work with the children in a very focused way, for example with songs and rhymes, flash cards, letters, and even reading and writing. Each child is supported individually.

In addition, we combine our thematic subjects with the language. For example, if we have the subject "farm" we then translate and use the specific words in both languages. Like that, the children learn the two languages in a playful way.

The Kindergarten group uses an English learning system called Jolly Phonics. Jolly Phonics is a fun and child centered method that uses actions to describe each letter sound. Children learn how to use the letter sounds to read and write words. More information can be found on