Daycare & Kindergarten
Further Activities
Exciting experiences and learning every day
Expressive painting encourages creativity and strengthens emotional intelligence, concentration and decision making. These strengths help develop self-confidence. Painting is fun, and the work produced is not evaluated. Sometimes we have a theme, at others, we paint freely. Often, we listen to classical music and transfer our emotions into the paintings.
Dancing is a fun way of expressing emotions and children enjoy moving freely to music. In addition, the children learn to move to a rhythm. Sometimes we also have more calm sessions such as children's yoga.
Each Wednesday afternoon the Kindergarten children go to the "Platte" sports hall. We play ball games, jump over hurdles, or work with the rings.
Once a week we go to the forest. Sometimes we stay there all day, build a fire, and cook outside. Children are given time to feel the rhythm of nature and to observe animals and plants. Often we work on a theme oriented project. Additionally, movement "in free nature" is encouraged.
Lots of activities