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Welcome to the Parkside School
Bilingual daycare and Montessori Kindergarten in Oberrieden and Pre-school & Kindergarten in Thalwil
The Parkside Daycare Centre in Oberrieden (from 3 months up)

Our daycare centre in Oberrieden cares for children from 3 months up. We have six groups, of which one baby group, three bilingual (German/English) mixed-age groups, one pre-school group for children as of 3 and a bilingual Montessori Kindergarten.

Daycare in Oberrieden
The bilingual Pre-school and Kindergarten in Thalwil (ages 3-6 years)

Our German/English bilingual Pre-school and Kindergarten is based in Thalwil. Here, the children are organised into two age groups.

The Pre-school group, (ages 3 - 4 years), is run following Montessori principles, building self-confidence and independence. Each child is supported individually, to encourage their in-built desire to learn. Minimum attendance in the Pre-schoo group is two days per week.

The Kindergarten group, (ages 4 - 6 years), follows the official Zuerich Kindergarten curriculum. A wide range of activities are available, including group work, projects, individual and free play, sport in the sport's hall, walks in the woods, excursions, early music, painting and English/German lessons.

The full Swiss mandatory Kindergarten education is achieved by attending 3 days per week, over 39 weeks per year. Although your children are entitled to 13 weeks holidays per year, we are only closed during 4 weeks. This means, it is upon your discretion to choose which other 9 weeks (if at all) you want to take your holidays.

Pre-school & Kindergarten Thalwil

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