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Welcome to the Parkside School
Bilingual daycare and Montessori Kindergarten in Oberrieden and Pre-school & Kindergarten in Thalwil
The Parkside Daycare Centre in Oberrieden (from 3 months up)

Our daycare centre in Oberrieden cares for children from 3 months up. We have six groups, of which one baby group, three bilingual (German/English) mixed-age groups, one pre-school group for children as of 3 and a bilingual Montessori Kindergarten.

NEW: with subsidised places!!! For parents of pre-school children living in Oberrieden, there are now subsidised places at Parkside School Oberrieden. The subsidy is paid directly to parents by the municipality of Oberrieden and is graded according to income. Further information can be obtained directly from the municipality of Oberrieden (Patrizia De Donno, Department of Society, tel. 044 722 71 35 or

Daycare in Oberrieden
The bilingual Pre-school and Kindergarten in Thalwil (ages 3-6 years)

Our German/English bilingual Pre-school and Kindergarten is based in Thalwil. Here, the children are organised into two age groups.

The Pre-school group, (ages 3 - 4 years), is run following Montessori principles, building self-confidence and independence. Each child is supported individually, to encourage their in-built desire to learn. Minimum attendance in the Pre-school group is two days per week.

The Kindergarten group, (ages 4 - 6 years), follows the official Zuerich Kindergarten curriculum. A wide range of activities are available, including group work, projects, individual and free play, sport in the sport's hall, walks in the woods, excursions, early music, painting and English/German lessons.

The full Swiss mandatory Kindergarten education is achieved by attending 3 days per week, over 39 weeks per year. Although your children are entitled to 13 weeks holidays per year, we are only closed during 4 weeks. This means, it is upon your discretion to choose which other 9 weeks (if at all) you want to take your holidays.

Pre-school & Kindergarten Thalwil

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